As Seen On


1. Benn Suede of Crown The Empire - Recycled Bullet Necklace

2. Acacia Brinley of Tumblr/Instrargam - Recycled Bullet Necklace

3. Photographer Danny Suede - Recycled Bullet Necklace

1. z100 Radio Station - Vintage Fork Keychain

2. The Aquarian Weekly Magazine - Featured Event in Asbury Park, NJ

3. Garret Rapp of The Color Morale - Recycled Magazine Bracelet

1. Aaron Rose of Palisades - Custom Dreamcatcher Pendant

2. Lou Micelli of Palisades - Various Native Trashion Pendants

3. Kenny Dufo and Johnny Galivan of Chasing Safety - Recycled T-Shirt Bracelets

1. Shawn Spann of I The Breather - Recycled T-shirt Bracelets